Almost Paradise Lodging Thank You and Guest Comments

Thank You

Thank you for choosing to stay with us at Almost Paradise! As we strive to offer quality accommodations in a private and peaceful setting, we greatly appreciate all our guests who are considerate and responsible while staying with us. You are wonderful, and we would love to have you back! Thank you!

Guest Comments

If you are one who takes pleasure in reading, feel free to peruse a sampling of comments composed by our guests, as written in our guest comment books of the various cabins and guest houses.

Wow!!! What an awesome "escape"! Thanks very much for creating such a place... the quietness, the peaceful setting was great. Relaxing has never been so nice! Thank you.
You've added so many little extra touches to make Almost Paradise not only unique, but also a fun place to stay. We've enjoyed the solitude, as well, and this is also something you have personalized for your guests. What a treat after hiking all day... bubbles and more bubbles in the rubber duckie tub. Thank you for a very enjoyable time.
We can sum up our stay in one word... Supercalafragelistickespealidocious!
What a great hideaway! It was the perfect place for our 40th anniversary — a wonderful gift from our kids. The place was spotless, and every detail had been carefully thought out, right down to the robes, slippers, and chocolate kisses. We loved the beautiful scenery. The two of you have a beautiful place here. Thanks Carol & Ron. Great hot tub!!
Where do we start?? Thank you for all the extra touches that made our stay out here so wonderful. The dimmers all around, hot tub, robes, slippers, even chocolates every night. Thank you so much for making everything so special for us. We will definitely return. We've vacationed all around the world and nothing has been this peaceful. Truly... Thank you again.
What a wonderful wedding gift to be able to stay here! We have been traveling for 4 weeks, so it was great to slow down and relax!! (And we did a lot of that!) This is our favorite part of our honeymoon. Everything was perfect. Thanks! We will be sure to recommend this to folks back in North Carolina!
What a great hideaway! Almost Paradise should be called Absolutely PARADISE! Thank you for the perfect accommodations and the great hospitality. Also the extra touches from kisses to the rubber duckie. Now we know the true definition of relaxation.
Tim has traveled around the world — North, South, East, and West — to places people only dream of, and this is truly a slice of Paradise. It is the little things that have made this stay truly enjoyable. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and beautiful retreat. Can't wait to come back.
Our second visit to Almost Paradise, and we are the first to enjoy the new guest room. Absolutely wonderful! So far our weekends here have given us so much enjoyment. The time we get to spend alone with no distractions of work and the normal, busy 'city' life is invaluable and proving to be habit-forming. We will be back again soon for another dosage of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Thanks for everything.
We enjoyed our stay very much and are already talking about returning. We will recommend your place to family and friends. It is first class! The luxury and privacy was outstanding. We especially enjoyed your sweet little cat and the hummingbirds. We hope you will enjoy the flowers we left for you as a token of our appreciation. Thanks again.
Almost Paradise is so sweet. We wish we had more time to stay. We love the setting that gives so much privacy. It is just a perfect cabin for two people. Thanks for making us feel so welcome.
Words cannot describe how great this place is! Images come close, memories closer still - - A yummy breakfast basket - Enjoying the hot tub under the stars, complete with rubber ducky! - Relaxing in the robes by the fireplace - Enjoying candlelight You've thought of everything, and then some! Thank you for creating the perfect retreat — we'll be back! Warmly,
This was our wedding night, and this was such a peaceful and romantic setting. You covered absolutely every tiniest detail, which just made it the perfect ending of our blessed and beautiful day! We will be back, and we will send our loved ones to enjoy this paradise and your generous hospitality! God bless you Carol, and God bless you all who come to stay. Peace and long happy lives! Gratefully,
It is "almost paradise!" What a beautiful, comfortable place you have. The mountains and the forests are extraordinary. We only wish we had more time to spend in this tranquil place. Thank you for providing many extras — - robes and house shoes - hot tub that is equipped with a recliner - clean and cozy! You have truly made us feel special!
What a pleasant and beautiful surprise! A last minute find on the internet let us to this incredible place!! We arrived still slightly stressed from a week at the office and Friday traffic and instantly relaxed from the peacefulness of the Almost Paradise Lodge! We will tell all our friends and we will be back!
Our brief — but restful — stay here during our trek through Washington State was truly wonderful. From the secluded hot tub to the fine furnishings to the breakfast basket treats, you have thought of everything for the overnight guest. Good luck with your business!
It was wonderful to be back on Mount Rainier for our family reunion. We absolutely couldn't think of a nicer place to stay while we were here. Ron, your skills are worthy of note and admiration. Carol, you've thought of almost everything. When we find out what you forgot, we'll let you know. 'Almost Paradise' has the touches and thoughtfulness of the finest hotels and it's located on the most beautiful mountain, Rainier. Oh — can't forget George. His serenades with the rooster are fantastic, a memorable delight. We wish you much success and happiness and thank you again for being so nice. Hope to see you again.
I am more than half-tempted to lock the door and refuse to come out. The next time I visit Mt. Rainier we'll definitely stay here. (Don't hold your breath, it took me living in WA 13 years to get here.) And we'll tell/bring friends... ~ Well, I dragged Geoff out, kicking and screaming — but now your next guests can come!! We loved it here and will definitely come back. Thanks again!
Thank you for the perfect place to spend our 5th anniversary. We really appreciate all the extra touches and the room was wonderful. It was great to get away from all the day-to-day activities and play. We loved the hot tub under the stars. Ron and Carol you have designed an incredible place and we were lucky to happen upon it. P.S. I've mentally been creating a list of people to tell about this great find since arriving! Something this good deserves to be shared!
Thank you for your marvelous planning. For our 43rd we have had a taste of Shangri La.
Thank you for a beautiful and relaxing getaway! The peace and privacy were just what we needed. We were here to celebrate our 10th anniversary. The kids are with grandparents, we are thousands of miles from home, we hiked Mt. Rainier N.P. by day, then hot-tubbed by night. It was absolutely perfect! Thank you, Ron and Carol, for everything. This is a truly special place, and will be a great memory for us in the hectic weeks ahead. I'm sure Paradise Inn is a nice place, but when we saw the crowds there, we were so thankful to be staying in Almost Paradise instead!!
Our stay here was as close to Paradise as we have ever been. We have always dreamed of a shower with 2 shower heads. We loved relaxing in the hot tub every night. Thank you for all you did to make our stay with you so special. We will miss George.
Thank you. What a great place to spend our 10th anniversary. It was great to sit in hot tub under the stars and it was so nice to BBQ our own dinner and eat it cuddling instead of dressed up in some restaurant. It's so peaceful here... And to get up in the morning and have coffee right here fresh ground and put on a terry robe and sit outside and drink it was great! P.S. I was surprised and pleased to find an iron. We have stayed in hotels and paid more and gotten less. It's a great deal — thanks again.
I guessed on the drive out that we were visiting Mt. Rainier and Paradise for our third anniversary. My husband replied with a chuckle, "Almost." But we did find Paradise. What a truly lovely place. We loved the accommodations with the little extras, the hot tub and the tranquility. We even enjoyed a game of fetch the stick with George. He is an exceptional ambassador for Almost Paradise. We also found the historic editions of Life magazine very entertaining. Such a lovely place. We will spread the word and plan to return ourselves. P.S. We loved the silence. It reminded me of my childhood home.
The setting — the quiet — the stars — the mountain — what else is there to say! Thanks
Thank you for the wonderful retreat. We feel so fortunate to have run across Almost Paradise on the web. It is so quiet here, we really enjoyed the solitude. Your bed and breakfast by far has been the best we have ever experienced. Enjoyed George's sweet smiles at us as we drove up to our little getaway. Thanks again.
This is a serene, restful place. A place where we can truly relax and rejuvenate our body's, minds and spirits. Your thoughtfulness and creativity in design and comfort are truly appreciated and memorable. In Peace and Equality.
Wow! What a find — Almost Paradise is Paradise. We found this place by total accident. Late night after spending the day on the mountain — You totally saved us! We'll be back.
Almost Paradise... where'd you get the name? It should be called Heaven... they're one-in-the-same. As for your cat... what a great pet, He mauled us in the tub... and got kinda wet. The fire was warm... the kitchen was great, You had everything we needed... for the food we ate. The air was crisp... on this cold winter night, Them dimmers are neat... that other guy was right. We had nothing to leave... so nothing we took, What a great place... to sit with my book. Nothing forgotten... it felt just like home, I guess that inspired me... to write this poem. This place is perfect... better than just nice, I definitely know why it called... Almost Paradise. Thanks a bundle.
We had a wonderful stay here at Almost Paradise! It was everything we were looking for... quiet, peaceful, private, comfortable and enjoyable... to the fullest!! Thank you for EVERYTHING! We enjoyed hiking the mountain the first day and horseback riding the next. (Both nights we soothed our tired muscles in the hot tub). George is an awesome dog... we like the way he would wait for us to follow him on the driveway in or out! Thank you for spoiling us!!
What an incredible place! An awesome get-away for our honeymoon. Thank you for everything you provide here. The hot tub is great. I think we spent more time there than anywhere else. Thank you again.
After a grueling climb to the Summit of Mt. Rainier, this cabin was just what the doctor ordered! We soaked; we rested; we pampered ourselves; ate plenty of real (not camping/hiking) food; and just plain collapsed! Thank you for making this night a perfect rest-haven.
Your attention to detail is divine and so is this lovely place — we enjoyed!
To the entire Morford family: Reading through the comments of previous guests summarizes our stay. We traveled through the parks — Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helen's — and then returned to your retreat each day to reflect. Almost Paradise made it easy to collect our thoughts. Once I return to work, co-workers are anxious to find out where we stayed. This year I will tell them to go online after I tell them of our experience. Thank you!
Can we go ahead and book this place for a week next Aug. 11th — for our 1 year anniversary?! Two days was just NOT enough! The mountains are spectacular and what a better way of ending the day of hiking with a little time in the jacuzzi to rejuvenate tired muscles and then have a glass of wine/beer by the campfire, only to later enjoy a cozy fireside conversation in a beautiful cabin. Ya'll have made our honeymoon more memorable than we could have imagined. Thank you for thinking of everything for us... which is sooo nice after months of planning a wedding on our own. Ya'll have been great. Not enough can be said about it all. Thanks
Almost Paradise is home away from home. Not knowing where Jeff was taking me for a weekend getaway ended up being miles from where I could imagine. Two days of hiking up Mt. Rainier and then relaxing by a cozy campfire was just a minimum of what I could have asked for. But what I found was more... a hot tub for relaxing tired feet, music to set the mood, and treats to wake up to in the morning. This place is serenity in disguise. George and Gracie kept us company while we enjoyed the night life of the outdoors. We will miss the hospitality that was provided to us but we will have MANY memories to look back on. Thank you again for making our weekend unforgettable.
What a great place this is. We are only an hour away from home but yet it seems we're so far away!! What a wonderful job my husband did on our 2nd anniversary bringing us here. Thanks
What a special place to get engaged! This was the perfect warm, cozy, outdoor setting for us to enjoy each others company and plan for the future! Saturday we took our snowshoes up to Paradise and explored. Sat by the fire, made dinner, went in the hot tub and saw 6 shooting stars! This place truly lives up to its name! Thanks for providing such an enchanting getaway full of romance. Paradise cabin will always be such a special place as we begin our new life together. Sincerely
Our Honeymoon — Before our wedding we searched the internet for the perfect honeymoon spot. When we arrived we were delighted to see that Almost Paradise exceeded our expectations. It is a wonderfully, peaceful, cozy retreat as we begin our lives together. Thank you for allowing us to have a Christmas tree to celebrate our first Christmas together. The hot tub, George, the mountain, the shower, Gracie, the breakfast baskets, and the fireplace made our stay perfection! Thank you so much. We will be back — soon I hope!
Thank you for everything! You made us feel like royalty. Now it's back to reality. Be back soon. God Bless!
We were sitting on the couch and Ken said, 'Do you hear that?' 'What?' I said. 'Nothing.' 'Yes I hear that!!' We enjoyed the quiet but not for long enough. Next time we are staying two days! Thank you
Thanks for creating such a wonderful place! The setting is perfect, the surroundings peaceful, and the accommodations superb. You guys have made our Mt. Rainier trip complete. We couldn't have hoped for a better place to spend our honeymoon. Thanks for a great time and even greater memories! Keep up the good work.
We had a wonderful relaxing time here. Better than any place we have been in our vacation getaways. Sorry the visit was so short and that we live so far from 'Paradise.' I hope we can return in the future. Thanks for everything! God Bless
We had a wonderful 2 days here. When I found you on the internet, I was hesitant to call because I was certain you wouldn't have any openings. (I'm glad I did!) I kept thinking this place was 'too good to be true' and was apprehensive as we followed the direction to get here. Well, it is all true! You have a wonderful place here. The personal touches were great. Certainly this is the most memorable of the places we've stayed. Thanks so much.
The level of quality exemplified on the web site communicated the level of quality I could probably expect here, so I chose this place for our stay. When we arrived, I realized I had chosen well. Excellent facility with detailed provisions unlike any other place we've stayed. Only wish Texas had the kind of scenery surrounding Almost Paradise.
After spending a beautiful day enjoying the numerous wonders of Mt. Rainier, we gladly retreated back to our 'Almost Paradise.' Immediately we understood that the peace and quiet engulfing us would be key ingredients to our amazing stay. What ever Mt. Rainier couldn't provide, you guys managed to provide, that and so much more. Thank you so very much for making our first vacation together unforgettable. It was all too perfect!
Immaculate, serene, superb! After a year on remote duty overseas, this is Paradise! A wonderful time to be reunited with my wife. Thanks for providing such a blessing for us.
This place is beautiful! Everything about it is perfect... . The privacy, all the little things, makes it hard to leave! Thank you for being so kind and for creating the romantic atmosphere. We will definitely be back!
We recognize and appreciate what you are giving to people here at Almost Paradise! For us its — A majestic and magical refuge (hot tub included) that rejuvenates the city worn spirit and nourishes the soul and body and mind. Thank you for the comforting touches that makes this trip one to experience again and again — until our next trip to Almost Paradise — be well.
We loved the charm, serenity and soul restoring qualities of your Rainier cabin. Thank you so much for all of the special touches you provided. We can't wait to come back to celebrate special occasions like we did our wedding anniversary this year.
It was worth while to travel all the way from Austria to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary... in Paradise. We never felt so well and so good cared for. For exploring this beautiful region your lodge is the perfect base. Thank you.
This is the 3rd time we've been here and we've stayed at all three cabins. It's beautiful!! We hear there's a 4th cabin on the way, we'll probably stay there next time... yes there will be a next time!! This is the best getaway from Mercer Island, WA. We'll see you next year!
I say, forget Paradise up there. Almost Paradise is where it's at! This is definitely the nicest cabin I've ever been in. So spacious and new, yet cozy and rustic. The hot tub adds the perfect final touch. We came up here for my b-day. I ate like a queen and relaxed enough for the both of us. I think we were both most appreciative of the CD player. The right music makes everything come together. Yeah! We'll be back for summer.
We had a great time here! I've been to lots of places that claim to have a lot of amenities — but this one tops them all! We hardly ever left the place — no need to. Hope to come again soon!
What a relaxing holiday experience! This really is "Almost Paradise". We thoroughly enjoyed the hot tub. I think we both could have almost slept in it! But instead we enjoyed the awesome, cozy bed! We also enjoyed reading all the memories in this book of everyone's unique experience here! This is definitely a peaceful, magical place! And we as well wish the future guests who stay here great times and pleasant experiences here as well! Carol — thank you so much — you do think of everything!! Peace and Cheers
We came here to celebrate our 15th anniversary and to see Mt. Rainier. Your lovely guest house exceeded all our expectations. It's so nicely done. I found myself examining and admiring the woodwork of the kitchen cabinets, the headboard, the floorboards! And your spa area is so accommodating and attractive. You have a beautiful place here and your grounds, outbuilding and main building are so obviously well-kept and well loved! It all added a warmth and comfort to our stay — rain or shine. We enjoyed being greeted by George and Gracie each evening, coming in to a warm home and hot tub and opening a fresh basket of goodies each morning. The coffee was great. Thank you!
Thank you for creating the ultimate experience. We leave here with a new sense of sanity. This place fit our needs perfectly. And you will see us again!

Thank You Again

There are many, many more great comments... too many to list! Again, thank you to our fantastic and special guests who have stayed with us at Almost Paradise. The perfect place to pause and relax...