In-room Massage Therapy

For our guests' convenience and added comfort, we are pleased to offer in-room massages allowing you to relax with a pampering therapeutic massage session in the comfort and privacy of your own cabin or guest house. Using one of the area's premier massage therapists, three styles of massage are offered.

Swedish Massage Therapy
This technique gently manipulates your muscles resulting in the easing of muscle aches and tension, increased flexibility, and enhancing of circulation. The special aromatherapy blends stimulate the olfactory system, the body's most immediate sensory contact with memory. This therapeutic massage leads to a sense of wellness, balance and ease. A relaxing hour for anyone with aching muscles, stress and tension, or someone just looking for a soothing massage!

Relaxation Massage Therapy
This massage is based primarily on long, smooth, methodic strokes done in combination with gentle kneading to the muscles. This results in a serene and calming effect. This massage is highly beneficial to persons dealing with stress, experiencing difficulty sleeping at night, suffering from headaches, or just wanting to relax.

Deep Tissue Massage
A very therapeutic massage, combining Swedish massage and other special techniques that affect the deeper layer of muscle. Deeper pressure in this massage helps relieve chronic pain and soreness, and releases tension and pain associated with stress. This massage is great for rebalancing the body.

These massages utilize custom therapist-blended massage oils, containing quality carrier oil, and 100% pure essential oils. Hypoallergenic lotions are also available.

So as to insure the state of relaxation is always at the optimum level for you, conversation is kept to a minimum.

Throughout the duration of the treatment, you remain on the table and are discreetly draped.

Massage Appointment
The massage therapist is in high demand; therefore guests are encouraged to arrange massage therapy appointments well in advance of your arrival.

To reserve a time for your soothing and rejuvenating massage, please call Almost Paradise Lodging at 360.569.2540 for the massage therapist contact information.

Invest in your own well-being!